We make top of the line products for top of the line clients. Our quality is unmatched and our production unparalleled.

With state-of-the-art assembly techniques and quality control, we get your project done faster so you can keep your’s running smoothly.

Our clean, air-conditioned facility keeps our employees satisfied and means our products are produced to the highest standard.

We specialize in automotive, lawn care, industrial, and construction parts, but are constantly expanding into new markets to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Mission:

Your Success

Cumberland Plastic Solutions’ mission is to be recognized as a leading supplier of value-added injection molded plastic parts and assemblies. Our target markets are automotive, recreation, lawn and garden, agriculture as well as general industrial/commercial markets.

To be successful, we will provide our customers with the highest total value by continuously striving for quality excellence at the best possible cost.

We must continue to demonstrate these capabilities in order to successfully compete in the current global market.

Industry Leader

Cumberland Plastic Solutions and all its employees are dedicated to achieve total customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in process control, production to customer requirements and on time delivery.

Quality Oriented

We will achieve these goals through regular team member training, input and involvement in all of our processes, including the monitoring of the effectiveness of our quality management system.

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From here, you will be able to learn about our company, the people that lead the teams, our core values, our capabilities and the resources we have dedicated to our customer’s businesses.

Cumberland started operations in 2006 utilizing only a small portion our original 20,000 square foot facility. We operated two injection machines for one customer. Today, our new facility has 155,000 square feet for molding and assembly, housing 31 injection machines from 40tons to 1100tons as well as considerable assembly operations for our varied customer applications. Our growth has come from both new customers as well as from increased business with our traditional base.

We are proud to say that our customer base is one of the finest in the plastics industry including:

• Automotive
• Lawn and Garden
• Building and Construction
• Industrial Sectors

We are customer focused and quality driven with teams in product development and program management to support the new product development process as well as the requirements of our core manufacturing base.

Our production and quality equipment have been standardized for ease of operation and service. This assists our engineers and technicians to be more efficient and cost effective while supporting improved quality and production rates. We are proud to have one of the newest equipment fleets in the industry. We invite you to tour our facility and see for yourself, it is where you will want your parts and products made. Located in Opelika, AL, we are in the heart of the industrialized South.

John Chuplis