Injection Moulding


Nissei-300x154Our molds are made using NISSEI electric, hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machines. Our highly skilled technicians utilize these machines to continuously manufacturing our customer orders. Our Nissei machines are equipped with  large vertically long LCD screen and premium software for better operability and functions, materializing to secure broader moldable range and ensure the quality of molding.


UBE-300x159We have three UBE injection moulding machines capable of manufacturing large molds, with pressure up to 1100 tons. Our production utilizes both the electric and hydraulic models. Utilizing the latest proven Servo Motor technology, UBE Machinery produces the most energy efficient and repeatable Injection Molding Machines in the marketplace. All three platforms can be single injection or multiple injection for multiple colors or multiple materials. UBE Injection Molding Machines easily adapt to your many special processes or your custom application.

Secondary Equipment/Capabilities

  • Sonic welding
  • Vibration welding
  • Heat staking
  • In Mold labeling
  • Leak testing
  • Sub-Assemblies (simple to fully automated poke/yoke/vision systems)
  • Design and manufacturing of returnable packaging
  • Fully EDI capable


  • PC/ABS
  • PA/PA+ Glass Filled
  • PVC
  • ASA
  • ABS
  • PP/PP + Mineral Filled
  • POM
  • ABS/PA
  • Polycarbonate

Core Capabilities

Precision Tooling

Cumberland has full tooling management, manufacture and maintenance capabilities in-house. From large mechanically complex tools to smaller tight-tolerance applications we can provide a solution to meet your product needs.

  • Our in-house tool shop allows us to immediately address tooling breakdowns thereby reducing downtime and risk for our customers.
  • Complete project management from concept to production with weekly progress reports throughout the process.
  • A full Design for Manufacturing analysis is performed for every product to identify any opportunities to improve product design.
  • Mold flow and warp analysis is performed for all new tooling projects.

Project Management

From business award through PPAP approval, Cumberland’s project management team is committed to delivering  transparent communication , timing schedules and technical support.

As a TS196949 company, Cumberland believes the benefit of active APQP management with our customers and suppliers to achieve successful product launches.  

Product Development

Cumberland sees early involvement in the design phase as key to a successful launch as production issues can be identified upfront prior to tooling and solutions can be implemented.

Our goal is to support our customers during the development and design phase with part design and material suggestions so that the product will be cost effective and meets the intended design specification.

Sub Assemblies

By adding value during our manufacturing process we can deliver low cost high quality assembly solutions to our customers.

Each application has specific requirements and by either semi automating an assembly process with error proofing (poka-yoke) or fully automating a work cell, Cumberland  can provide a competitive advantage over our competition.

Contract Manufacturing

From design & program management to packaging & shipping the finished product